Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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NEXGO’s corporate office is open Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST. However, our technical support is available 7 days per week. Technical support can be reached here.

Download the NX2200e User Guide here.

Download the NX2200e Quick Navigation Guide here.

The NX2200e paper roll is 58mm wide x 40mm in diameter and is available for purchase through NEXGO. Please complete the order form available here.

Download the NX2200e User Guide here and follow the necessary steps. If you need further assistance, contact NEXGO’s Technical Support Center here.

Contact Technical Support here for assistance. Once your changes have been made to the terminal, go to the Main Menu. Select Credit, Add Tip. Choose either Last Transaction or by Transaction ID. Once the correct transaction is found press Enter, then Add Tip Amount.

From Main Screen, hit down arrow, choose End of Day, Log in with User ID and Password, Choose Settlement, Terminal will ask if you want a Report? Choose yes or no, Confirm to start settlement once prompted.

From the Main Menu, hit the down arrow and choose Admin. Choose Network Management, choose Initialize. Once initialized, cancel back to Main Menu and try a sale. If it still doesn’t work, please contact Technical Support here.

NEXGO terminals are deployed with the latest PCI Compliance Protocols.

Transactions will stay in the terminal until a settlement is run; however, the authorization codes might not be valid after a certain length of time. Contact your Merchant Service Provider (MSP) for more information on authorization codes.

There are multiple reports the terminal can print. You can change the settings by hitting the down arrow from the main menu, choose Admin, choose App Setup, enter User ID and Password, choose Batch Functions, Set Batch Report. In this menu, you can see the many different report types available.

The stylus is located at the end of the card reader. There should be 3 bumps you can feel with your fingers. That is the stylus.

Download the Wireless Billing Change form here, fill it out and send back to

Download the Wireless Deactivation form here, fill it out and send back to

Try to re-establish a connection by following the steps below. If your terminal still will not connect, contact Technical Support here.

  1. From main page of terminal:
    • Press ENTER on “setup” and enter your password
    • Scroll down to “communication” and press ENTER
    • Scroll down to “modem init” and press ENTER
    • After the terminal initializes, press the CANCEL button until you are back to the main menu and retry your transaction/settlement
    • Press the F3 button on the terminal to scroll down to “admin” and press ENTER
  2. Try powering off your credit card terminal, and then powering it back on. Wait for the terminal to boot up to the main page. Once the signal bars appear on the top left of the screen, re-try your transaction/settlement.

“S” stands for “Store”; this function stores credit card transaction information in case your terminal loses connection during operation or you know you are in an area where you won’t be able to connect.

“F” stands for “Forward”; this is the process where after connection is re-established the terminal will attempt to authorize your stored transactions so that they will be ready to be settled/batched out for the day.

Download an Order Form here, fill it out and send back to Our orders department will contact you with any questions regarding your request.

Click here for the Processor Phone Numbers list. If you do not see the appropriate number you can try calling your MSP (Merchant Service Provider).