NEXGO provides secure payment solutions for a wide range of retail environments. Whether your customers use mall kiosks, temporary outdoor markets, sidewalk souvenir stands or mobile technology to obtain your products or services, NEXGO listens to your needs and then combines the right application with the most effective connectivity to deliver speed, cost efficiency and flexibility.

With NEXGO, merchants only need to purchase a single terminal that offers the ability to choose how to go wireless. Whether it’s a solution that offers WiFi connectivity, cellular through GSM or CDMA, or a terminal that can switch between all of them as communication needs change it is important that your mobility solutions meet customer expectations. 


Mobility Without Boundaries

A single terminal with interchangeable modems provides access to complete WiFi connectivity or cellular wireless coverage through all the major carriers. 

Reduce Operating Costs

Take advantage of existing broadband connections for WiFi connectivity and eliminate the high costs associated with hardwiring.

Lower Processing Fees

Reduce the costs associated with processing fees for all qualified card present transactions.

Increase Security

With security breaches making today’s headlines, ExaDigm has embraced future-proof strategies, such as EMV, to give you the utmost confidence and trust with every transaction.

Adapt to Change Rapidly

Adapt to new technologies, such as Apple Pay and Android Pay, adding new hardware and upgrade software in a matter of hours, not months, ensuring a terminal is never made outdated.