Through innovation, extensive market experience, leading-edge technology and world-class customer support, NEXGO’s point-of-sale solutions can quickly service your payment needs.


N5: Tablet Payment Solution

NEXGO’s N5 tablet is a sleek and secure payment solution. With many connectivity options, the N5 allows for multiple payment types including NFC, EMV, PIN-based transactions, and signature capture.


N6: Smart Payment Solution

The N6 breakthrough product is NEXGO’s first smart mini POS terminal. Designed to be compact and light, for easy one-handed operation, the N6 is small but powerful.


NX2200e: Mobile Payment Terminal

Brings in the latest innovations in POS over the largest wireless networks for fast-secure transactions, allowing the utmost mobility while fully compliant with payment industry standards.


G3: Compact Mobile Payment Terminal

The G3 offers quick and secure payment processing. Affordable, compact and easy to use, this entry-level terminal provides a crystal-clear color screen in a sleek ergonomic design.


G101: Payment PIN Pad

The G101 PIN Pad, designed to partner with our countertop terminals, is a low-cost solution that allows for secure, PIN-based transactions and signature capture.


G3P: Smart PIN Pad

As an ideal companion to your POS solution, the G3P fully complies with payment industry standards. The user-friendly device is packed with powerful features, along with a suite of development tools.


G3N: Compact Mobile Payment Terminal

The G3N is the ideal partner to your Point-of-Sale solution or as a stand-alone device. It features both stand alone and semi-integrated software solutions and serves as a cost-effective wireless solution.