Varied quick and secure payment options for patrons open up revenue streams for event and venue operators. For example, the ability for sports fans to order, pay, and deliver food and refreshments directly to their seats without missing the game is the ultimate in customer service and convenience.

Industry research shows that consumers tend to spend more with each transaction if their purchases are not limited to the cash on hand. NEXGO’s versatile event and venue payment solutions allow flexibility in connectivity from WiFi to Ethernet to wireless cellular, and the applications support credit, debit, contactless, gift and loyalty card transactions.


Consumers expect payments at the counter to be fast and efficient. NEXGO’s Pay-at-the-Counter solution delivers the flexibility to accept a range of payment cards, including contactless, as well as offering power, speed and the security of IP. 

Increase Revenues

Customers will typically spend more per ticket when paying with a card instead of cash. 

Save Money

Reduce overall communication costs, while at the same time taking advantage of lower processing fees offered for IP transactions. 

Process Transactions Faster

IP connection transactions can be processed in as quickly as two seconds. 

Easy-to-Use System

The system is intuitive, easy for employees to learn and simple for customers to use. 

Greater Customer Loyalty

Increase customer satisfaction and retention by reducing their time at the counter and expediting them through the payment process. 


NEXGO’s Pay-at-the-Seat solution for stadiums, arenas, theaters and event venues gives food service providers the ability to deliver unparalleled customer convenience and increase revenues through advanced card payment technology. Consumers don’t have to leave their seats to purchase food and can choose from a wide range of card-based payment methods. 

Increase Average Sales

Customers will typically spend more per ticket when paying with a card instead of cash.

Accept Cards Anywhere

Process transactions in real-time, anywhere, at any time, through WiFi or over a range of cellular networks offering complete nationwide coverage. 

Total Customer Satisfaction

With the ability to pay for food and concessions how they want, customers are more likely to increase order size and frequency. 

Greater Loss Prevention

Card payments offer the security and reporting that cash payments can’t, ensuring fraud and loss incidents are significantly reduced. 


Robust Mobile System

An intuitive, secure and reliable system that is easy for employees to learn and can be operated in difficult environments.