To provide the most expansive and versatile payment solutions, NEXGO leverages the flexibility of wireless LAN and WiFi, the security of technologies such as EMV and contactless, and the mobility of wireless cellular.


With NEXGO solutions, restaurants can seamlessly process transactions with ease and speed, minimizing wait times and providing customers with a secure and convenient experience.

Increase Sales

Increase the average sale amount with customers spending more per transaction when using debit or credit cards.

Reduce Costs

Pay lower rates on transaction fees for payments processed over IP and for card present payments.

Stay Current

Integrate to existing systems, adapt to new technologies, add new hardware and upgrade software in a matter of days, not months.

Deliver Better Service

Transaction speeds of two to three seconds result in increased efficiency during the ordering process, as well as increased customer convenience and satisfaction.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

Customers expect to be able to use varied card-based payments, including credit, debit, contactless, gift and loyalty cards.

Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)

Realize bottom-line impacts from increased payment card usage in the industry. Take advantage of small purchase criteria, where signature is not required for transactions under $25.


Food delivery services can process face-to-face transactions upon delivery, increasing customer satisfaction and convenience while reducing transaction costs.

Customer Satisfaction

NEXGO solutions allow flexibility for users, supporting new technology advancements such as Android Pay and Apple Pay.

Increase Sales

Drive additional sales, with customers ordering more with the convenience of accepting a credit or debit card upon delivery.

Deliver Better Service

Increase customer service by allowing customers to pay face-to-face in a more secure manner, avoiding the need to provide payment information via phone.

Reduce Costs

Face-to-face transactions result in lower rates on transaction fees, passing along savings.