NEXGO has developed a wide range of transportation applications that offer the convenience of being able to use credit, debit, gift and loyalty cards with the security and cost effectiveness of a cellular terminal. In addition, integration with existing transportation, ticketing and other back office systems can be achieved in a matter of weeks not months.

Operator Benefits

Using the cellular terminal, a transaction can be processed with real-time authorization in less than six seconds. And with the payment card present, transactions are qualified for lower transaction costs.

Accept Card Payments Anywhere

Interchangeable modems provide connectivity to unsurpassed cellular wireless coverage with complete access to all the major network carriers.

Total Customer Satisfaction

Passengers can enjoy the ability to choose between multiple payment options, which are processed instantly. 

Lower Transaction Costs

Pay lower rates on transaction fees because the card is presented at the time of payment and processed as an IP transaction.

Increase Revenues

Generate additional revenue by offering tickets and accepting payments through the terminal for local attractions, sporting events, theaters and concerts.

Reduce Fraud Risk

Process payments in real-time with immediate authorizations through a terminal with the highest level of security available. 

Passenger Benefits

Passengers have payment options when it comes to their transportation needs, including being able to purchase tickets for a city bus tour with a credit card at the site of departure, using a gift card to pay for a cab fare and have it processed immediately or redeem points as payment from a loyalty card for a car service. NEXGO gives you a flexible solution that gives passengers more than just new ways to pay – it gives them convenience, speed, and total security. 

More Payment Options

Passengers can pay the way they want using a range of card-based payments types, including credit, debit, gift and loyalty. 

Greater Security

A card never has to leave the passenger’s sight, reducing the risk of card fraud and identity theft while increasing a sense of security. 

Total Convenience and Satisfaction

Give passengers the convenience to pay when and where they need to, as well as the ability to purchase other services from a single location. 

Reduced Wait Times

Transactions can be processed in as little as six seconds, authorizations given instantly, and receipts printed.