ExaDigm is Now NEXGO, a Direct Subsidiary of XGD Group

ExaDigm is Now NEXGO, a Direct Subsidiary of XGD Group

ExaDigm, Inc. announced it will change its name to NEXGO, Inc. Please see the full press release below:

ExaDigm, Inc., a leading innovator in Point-Of-Sale (POS) terminal solutions, announced it will change its name to NEXGO, Inc. NEXGO is a direct subsidiary of XGD Group. The newly formed XGD Group encompasses all international branches of business, including NEXGO Brazil, NEXGO Dubai, and NEXGO Hong Kong.

In 2016, NEXGO (then ExaDigm, Inc.) merged with XGD Group (also known as Shenzhen Xinguodu Technology, Co. Ltd.). The merger gave NEXGO additional development resources, supply chain control, and manufacturing strength. NEXGO is XGD Group’s North American anchor for the global brand.

“The name change reflects our commitment to our partnership with XGD Group and the strengths it provides us in our industry. But the name is all that changed,” Patricia Love, Executive Vice President, NEXGO North America, “We are still committed to excellent future-proof, quality payment solutions that add value to our customers’ businesses.”

NEXGO Maintains Its Position as a Payment Solutions Leader

NEXGO continues to enjoy a robust position in the payment solutions market, with an excellent brand presence in the major markets. Its POS equipment, technology service and support have an excellent reputation in the space.

In addition to payment solutions, NEXGO offers its customers electronic payment communication and value-added service solutions. NEXGO also serves as XGD Group’s international market expansion in the electronic payments equipment field, providing a global platform for XGD Group’s market development and operations.

NEXGO has the benefit of manufacturing strength and supply chain control. Also, NEXGO enjoys access to excellent resources for innovative product development for their global solutions.

“Our resources allow us to take our research and development to the next level,” says Love. “Our team is energized by the possibilities in this exciting field.”

Boasting over 15 years of reliable service, NEXGO’s products and services provide end-to-end, secure payment solutions for all types of industries. From retail to food service, transportation to events and venues, NEXGO is a turnkey provider, with full-service deployment to wireless service. Moreover, the company’s well-known all over the world as a provider of Class A Service that is available 24/7, a service available to their customers at no additional cost.

“No other payments solution company has what we have,” explained Love. “Our customer-centric culture is something we are proud of and one of our most compelling competitive advantages.”

About NEXGO, Inc.

NEXGO offers a one-stop payment solution for hardware and wireless needs. As a leading provider of wireless data solutions, NEXGO meets the needs of businesses requiring end-to-end device-managed connectivity, offering stand-alone retail and wholesale solutions, as well as a wireless value bundle. NEXGO provides affordable and customizable payments solutions and wireless communication services that enable businesses worldwide to perform payment transactions confidently, securely, and efficiently. This effort includes purpose-built terminals that meet EMV requirements, provide wireless service, and offer dedicated personalized support. For more information, visit http://www.www.nexgo.us.

About XGD

XGD was established in July 2001. It is engaged in the production, research and development, sales, and leasing of hardware and software for electronic payment terminal equipment based on financial POS machines. And with this carrier, combined with biometrics, credit and big data, blockchain technology, to provide customers with integrated solutions based on electronic payment.

With the rapid development of mobile payment, electronic payment, biometrics, big data analysis and processing and artificial intelligence technology, XGD bases on the design and research and development of payment technology and financial POS terminal hardware and software, superimposes innovations in operating modes and technology fields, and continues to consolidate and enhance the market-leading position in electronic payment technology acceptance terminal equipment.