ExaDigm and SoftPoint Collaborate to Present a True All-in-One Payment Solution

ExaDigm and SoftPoint Collaborate to Present a True All-in-One Payment Solution

ExaDigm, Inc., a leading innovator in Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal solutions, and SoftPoint, a technology company for the retail, hotel and restaurant industries, announce the release of their All-in-One (AIO) payment integrated terminal. By combining ExaDigm’s state-of-the-art hardware with SoftPoint’s proven software, the strategic partnership provides an easy way to make any electronic payment.

“We are pleased to announce a true all-in-one, intuitive POS solution to meet the vast, integrated needs of the POS industry,” ExaDigm’s Vice President of Sales Angela Grimes said.

The AIO system coincides with the launch of ExaDigm’s new N5 Android EMV terminal. ExaDigm sees the new tablet option as smart, cost effective integration to existing POS systems, like Micros, Dinerware, and 18 more ISVs, to standalone POS on a platform-agnostic N5 payment terminal. Grimes shared the company’s excitement to partner with SoftPoint to offer intelligent, industry-minded POS payment applications on the newly released terminal.

“ISOs and ISVs alike will enjoy the ease of set up and integration with first class support while benefiting from robust POS integration options, such as restaurant order at the table and pay at the counter or in the field,” Grimes said. SoftPoint operates on most terminals in the marketplace today. SoftPoint and ExaDigm collaborated to create a product called Integrator, a middleware solution that allows a caller to initiate the terminal. Then, the integrator can manage a customer payment and interconnection to a processor or gateway. 

“Our strategic partnership allows us to work with the Engineers of ExaDigm to produce an all-in-one solution. We combine ExaDigm’s highest level of security and management, as well as hardware user ability packages, with our embedded, user-friendly SoftPoint suite of software products,” the co-founder of SoftPoint Christian Rivadalla said.

The Android-based N5 has many connectivity options and allows for multiple payment types that include NFC, EMV, PIN-based transactions and signature capture. The N5 is designed to stand alone or work with an existing POS solution. Offering flexibility, the N5 can be purchased with the AIO software or as a standalone device. Like all the ExaDigm hardware offerings, it has certifications for the highest levels of security and compliance, including EMV, PCI PTS, and PCI-PADSS.

SoftPoint is a cloud-based technology company that made its name in the hospitality industry. It produces software and services, including over 60 applications, to manage all aspects of that business, including attendance, business intelligence, inventory, and purchasing functionality among others. Also, SoftPoint’s patented technology allows it to easily integrate into any platform or solution. 

“SoftPoint at its core is a group of experts that achieve innovative business solutions,” Rivadalla said. “We have a broad array of experience, skills, and tools that help us specialize in market solutions, private label offerings and custom development.”

About ExaDigm, Inc. 
ExaDigm offers a one-stop payment solution for hardware and wireless needs. ExaDigm provides affordable and customizable payments solutions and wireless communication services that enable businesses worldwide to perform payment transactions confidently, securely, and efficiently. This effort includes purpose-built terminals that meet EMV requirements, provide integrated solutions, and offer dedicated personalized support. As a leading provider of wireless data solutions, ExaDigm Wireless meets the needs of businesses requiring end-to-end device-managed connectivity, offering stand-alone retail and wholesale solutions, failover solutions, as well as a wireless value bundle.

About SoftPoint 
Founded by experienced retail, hotel, and restaurant owners, SoftPoint recognizes the tribulations that company’s experience, offering beneficial products and consultations to business owners. SoftPoint’s innovative Point of Sale system is used with cutting edge technology that provides businesses a single platform for management and processes of multiple areas. This Scottsdale-based company offers valuable technology for all businesses in the retail, hotel and restaurant industry. For more information, visit http://www.softpointcloud.com.